Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

You will need:

-7/8" Ribbon
-Hot Glue
-Fabric scrap

1.    Grab your 7/8” size of ribbon. 

2.    Cut 5 pieces that are each 3” long.

3.    Find the middle of each ribbon and pinch it in half. Sew it closed with your thread and needle (Example 1).

4.    Fold the edges of each piece in half so the raw edges meet. Each piece will look like Example 2.

5.    Start with a knot and run a gathering stitch along the bottom of each piece (Example 3). Keep the stitches uniform.

6.    Put your last stitch through the first piece so it forms a circle- DO NOT TIE A KNOT YET (Example 4).

7.    Cinch it all tight in the center (Example 5). Tie a knot to hold it in place.  Keep it as tight as you can J

8.    Hot glue a button or ***fabric covered button to the center. Make sure you look which side is top and bottom. Glue button to the top side.  You can trim loose or fraying ends before you glue the button on.

9.    Hot Glue the ribbon flower on to your clip/barrette or scripture cover or tote.

You are all DONE!

***For a fabric covered Button, cut out a circle of fabric slightly bigger than your button.  Run a gathering stitch around the edges of the circle.  Place button in the center and cinch the thread around the button. Tie a knot to hold it all together (Example 6).


Emilee said...

Thanks for the tutorial! These are so cute!

catherine said...

Thank for the tutorial!!!!